About us

Amplifying success in immunotherapy

When harnessed appropriately, the immune system is an extremely potent and specific endogenous anti-tumour mechanism. Our first-in-class agonist antibody has been designed to address current clinical challenges associated with immunotherapy such as improving the rate and quality of responses, while also addressing the clinical challenges that have been encountered with recombinant IL-21.


Cytokines have shown great preclinical and clinical promise, but their full therapeutic potential has been limited by factors such as toxicity and pharmacokinetics.

To address these issues Pio Tx is developing a differentiated, first-in-class agonistic antibody (PIO-001) that binds to, and amplifies the function of, endogenous IL-21. Targeting endogenous IL-21 will overcome the clinical challenges that have been associated with systemic administration of recombinant IL-21, thereby allowing the full therapeutic potential of endogenous IL-21 to be realized.

An antibody as a therapeutic modality will also allow PIO-001 to be conveniently combined with standard of care and other immunotherapies such as checkpoint inhibitors, thereby leading to a large market and commercial potential.

Our mission is to develop novel, innovative and targeted medicines that augment endogenous anti-tumour immunity to further improve outcomes for patients affected by cancer.


Management Team

Our team brings decades of global expertise, with proven success in therapeutic discovery, preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial stages of drug development.


Management is ably supported by an experienced Board of Directors who provide overall governance and strategic guidance.

Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board

Pio Tx is establishing a board of scientific and clinical advisors comprising leading experts in immuno-oncology and cytokine signalling.


Our founders are BioCurate Pty Ltd and Monash University.