BioCurate is a bold, collaborative venture, dedicated to delivering benefits to the community by helping to advance Australian research and innovation globally. Jointly formed by the University of Melbourne and Monash University, with support from the Victorian State Government, BioCurate identifies promising biomedical research discoveries and manages their translation into high quality pre-clinical candidates with the aim to develop potential novel human therapeutics.

BioCurate operates in the under-resourced, yet critical, early phases of therapeutic development to overcome common barriers to success and to drive early decisions. Utilising decades of scientific and commercial expertise, the Company is focussed on realising real-world potential and providing a critical bridge between academia and industry.

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Monash University is Australia’s largest university. In the 60 years since foundation, we’ve built a reputation for world-leading, high-impact research, quality teaching, and inspiring innovation and learning culture.

Our size and scale – along with our growing global network – enable us to dial-up our education and research on an international scale. With four campuses in Australia, and a presence in Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia and Italy, our people are part of a thriving connected community.

At Monash, we’re redefining what it means to be a university. We transcend disciplines and boundaries, going beyond education and research to see the connections and intersections that others don’t. Our role is as a catalyst for resolving the complex challenges facing our world now and for every generation to come. And we know that it’s through deep, robust, sustainable partnerships with industry, government and the community that we’re going to do it.

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