Partner/Investor Opportunities

To help us achieve the greatest impact for patients,
Pio Tx welcomes opportunities for partnering and collaborative discussions.

Current status of PIO-001 program:

  • PIO-001 specificity and epitope has been validated through solving the PIO-001/IL-21 crystal structure
  • In vitro functional assays developed in cell lines and primary lymphocytes to characterize the potency of PIO-001
  • Mechanism of action of PIO-001 determined
  • Toxicology and regulatory path for PIO-001 has been defined
  • Indication prioritization through bioinformatics analysis guided by functional and mechanistic data
  • Developed and validated non-GLP bioanalytical and biomarker assays: PIO-001 PK, PIO-001 target engagement, human IL-21, ISH/IF assay (IL-21/IL-21R RNA and CD8/CD45 protein)
  • Two humanized therapeutic lead candidates have been selected (PIO-4C00, PIO-4F00)
  • Biomarker data validating the functional and mechanistic differentiation of PIO-001 is being accrued

Further information is available under confidential terms.

Pio Tx is taking the novel therapeutic PIO-001 to market, and is collaborating with investors, the scientific community and immunology experts to bring this idea to life.